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Calico Dorsey (book for children)

Posted November 11, 2010
Calico Dorsey is a childrens book based on the real story of Dorsey, a dog that delivered mail in the boom town of Calico, California.

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6 new mining town galleries with numerous historical photos

Posted October 07, 2010

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8 mining town profiles with galleries, historical article

Posted July 03, 2010

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Update - 7 mining town profiles with galleries

Posted May 05, 2010

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Western Museum of Mining & Industry

Posted January 14, 2010
I recently had the opportunity to visit the Western Museum of Mining & Industry in Colorado Springs, Colorado. WMMI's slogan is "The Museum that Works", a reference to the numerous pieces of antique machinery that are in working order and are operated during tours by the museum staff.

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Ghost Towns and Mining Districts of Montana

Posted January 05, 2010
Ghost Towns and Mining Districts of Montana, by Terry Halden, is the definitive guide to the ghost towns and mining districts of Montana. This extensive work contains information and photos on over 300 ghost towns and 179 mining districts.

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From Redstone to Ludlow

Posted January 04, 2010
The most comprehensive study of John Cleveland Osgood to date, From Redstone to Ludlow covers events from 1892, when Osgood and his associates organized the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company, to 1917, when Osgood signed a contract with the United Mine Workers of America, marking the end of his long history of battling the union.

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Update - 4 town profiles with photo galleries, book review

Posted November 02, 2009
Town profiles have been added for Berlin, Nevada; Goodsprings, Nevada; Ione, Nevada; Pioche, Nevada.

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Ores to Metals - The Rocky Mountain Smelting Industry

Posted October 15, 2009
This comprehensive treatment of the smelting industry of Colorado, originally published in 1979 and now back in print with a new preface by the author, details the people, technologies, and business decisions that have shaped the smelting industry in the Rockies.

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Update - 5 town profiles with photo galleries

Posted October 06, 2009

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