Josephine County, Oregon Maps

Mine Discovery Tools for Google Earth Pro – Josephine County, Oregon – includes USGS gold and non-gold mine locations and mining claim locations by PLSS section. Also included are an eighteen-page user guide and a six-page guide on doing claims research with the BLM’s LR2000 application.

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This package includes the following high-resolution quad maps:

  • 35 Forest Service quads
  • 35 USGS quads

Mine Discovery Tools are available with Gold level memberships

Josephine County Oregon Mine Maps
In this Google Earth Pro view the Mine Discovery Tools for Josephine County have gold mines, non-gold mines, claims, and full Forest Service topo map superoverlay layers active. This image also demonstrates the coverage for both Forest Service and USGS topo maps – over 90% of the county
Josephine County Oregon Mines
Yellow circles are gold mines, blue circles are non-gold mines
Josephine County Oregon mine maps
Detail view with mine data, claim data, and Forest Service topo map superoverlays active
List of USGS maps in the Josephine County, Oregon map package
This view from Google Earth Pro shows the available USGS topo maps

Mine Discovery Tools are available with Gold level memberships