Lyon County Nevada Gold Production

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The first gold discovery in Nevada was in Lyon County in 1849 in Gold Canyon in the Silver City district. This discovery sparked the discovery of the Comstock Lode, in Storey County, 10 years later.

Lyon County is on the west edge of the Great Basin; the Sierra Nevada is immediately to the west. Mining districts are in the narrow, north-trending mountain ranges, typical of the Great Basin province. The most important gold districts are Silver City, Como, and Wilson. The major copper district of Yerington has not produced significant quantities of gold and is therefore not included in this report.

Total gold production for the county from 1903 through 1959 was 254,722 ounces.

The Como (Palmyra, Indian Springs) district is 10 miles southeast of Dayton. Quartz veins were discovered in the early 1860's and, with the Comstock fever still raging, people nocked to this new area, and a town was built before the deposits were properly evaluated (Stoddard and Carpenter, 1950, p. 76). For the next 50 years there Was no significant production from the district. Several attempts were made in 1916, 1929, and in more recent years to mine the low-grade ores, but none could be considered an unqualified success.

The Como mines produced ore valued at $212,698 through 1936 (Stoddard and Carpenter, 1950, p. 77). The Hully and Logan mine produced a total of $76,995 worth of ore from 1900 to 1940, and the Star of the West mine produced $1,118 in 1939. These data are admittedly incomplete. Though gold was the principal commodity, the amount of gold included in these totals is not known; however, 10,000 to 15,000 ounces seems to be a reasonable assumption.

The rocks of the district are Tertiary volcanics, primarily andesite, several thousands of feet thick (Stoddard and Carpenter, 1950, p. 76). Quartz veins, striking east, contain gold, silver, and small amounts of copper in a quartz gangue.

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