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The WMH Members` Journal is a new feature for premium members. These articles do a deep dive on a particular topic.

Volume 3 of the Member’s Journal was published July 2022.

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Western Mining is an Amazing Topic

The history of mining in the western United States is an amazing topic. Hundreds of thousands of people entered what was a vast wilderness in search of riches. Some made fabulous strikes while many did not survive the ordeal. Hundreds of mining camps were established, many only lasted a few months while some evolved into great cities that still endure today.

As knowledge grew of the riches hidden in the western frontier, the nation’s imagination became fixated on the quest for precious metals. Lone prospectors, captains of industry, outlaws, scientists, and everyday people in search of a better life all flocked to these new lands. Incredible feats of engineering were accomplished in the most impossible terrains and often in the harshest climates imaginable. The science and equipment of mining evolved at a rapid pace to meet the challenges of ever-deepening mines.

Fortunately much of this history was recorded in detail through many institutions, both public and private. Local newspapers captured life in the hundreds of mining camps, towns, and cities throughout the west. The United States Geological Survey (USGS), and state mining bureaus recorded the progress of mining districts and studied the geology of the mines. Private publications like the Engineering and Mining Journal reported the details of mines and districts from a commercial perspective, and are a treasure trove of detailed information on the mines, companies, and men that built and operated the western mines.

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