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Mining Regions of the Western United States

The image above illustrates the incredible scale of the mining regions of the western United States. Yellow dots are gold mines, black dots are non-gold mines. Map icons show the distribution of historic mining towns. An interactive version of this map is available here.

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The Top 25 US Gold Districts

Of the 508 distinct gold districts identified in the western states by the USGS, these are the top 25 gold producers during the golden age of western mining.  Continue Reading

Featured Mining Town: Nome, Alaska

Featured Mining Town: Nome, Alaska

The Nome district was formed in October 1898 after the discovery of gold on Anvil Creek. A great rush to the new district took place in 1899 and a still greater one in 1900. Nome was Alaska's largest city for a time during the first decade of the 1900s.  Continue Reading

The Comstock Lode: Nevada’s “Big Bonanza”

The Comstock Lode of Nevada was one of the richest deposits of precious metals ever discovered, and the mining bonanza that occurred there is one of America’s most significant historical events. This collection of images captures the incredible towns, mines, and mills of this magnificent era of western mining.  Continue Reading

Member’s Journal V2 – Mill Locations of the Comstock Lode

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A Tour of Colorado Mining Towns

This tour of Colorado mining towns is organized by county, and represents the current contents of the Colorado Mining Towns database at Western Mining History.   Continue Reading

Best Historical Photos: 1900s Nevada Boom Towns

20,000 spectators at a drilling contest in Goldfield, Nevada ca. 1906

The first decade of the 1900s was an exciting time for the state of Nevada. Most mining rushes were over in the West, but Nevada had numerous new discoveries during this time. Mining booms occurred that resembled the great excitements of the 1860s and 1870s, and mining camps quickly developed into fantastic cities.  Continue Reading