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Drillers at the Camp Bird Mine - Colorado ca. 1890s

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Shorty Harris and the Bullfrog Claim

Shorty Harris was the Death Valley region's most famous prospector. He discovered the Bullfrog mine that started the great rush to Rhyolite around 1905. Despite his success as a prospector, he never became wealthy, and preferred the simple life of a desert prospector.  Continue Reading

Home Sweet Home: Miner’s Cabins of the Frontier West

Miners pose at their cabin somewhere in Colorado

The rugged individuals that opened the frontier West were prospecting, mining, and attempting to survive in what was a vast wilderness at the time. Many of the basics of survival had to be sourced directly from the miner’s immediate surroundings, and shelter was one of the first necessities of life that had to be addressed.  Continue Reading

Best Historical Photos: Colorized Mining Scenes

Modern software is capable of adding color to historic photos with a decent amount of accuracy. While the quality of the colorized images varies, and sometimes the colors clearly miss the mark, often the results are downright stunning. The following images are some of the best colorized photos of historic western mining scenes. Included are  Continue Reading

The Stagecoach: A Photo Essay on Western Travel

Text By Gary Carter Photos sourced by Western Mining History from various archives. Author’s note: this is a short synopsis of early stagecoach activity in the far west. Please note that different sources may provide slightly varying numbers when describing coaches, men, way stations and animals used. The readers are directed to the bibliography for  Continue Reading

50 Incredible Photos of Colorado Mining Scenes

Mines at Black Hawk Colorado

Colorado is characterized by the most rugged and mountainous terrain of any state in the US, and those mountains were rich in minerals waiting to be discovered by prospectors as far back as 1858. Development of mines in Colorado was slow at first due to the extremes of terrain and weather, and the remoteness of  Continue Reading

Featured Mining Town: Skidoo, California

Featured Mining Town: Skidoo, California

Skidoo, California was one of Death Valley's longest lasting towns, surviving for around ten years. Nothing is left of the town today, but the remains of the Skidoo mill make the site a worthwhile spot to visit while at the park.  Continue Reading