Granite, Colorado

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Boss Caswell's Monkey Saloon at Granite, Colorado


This early 1880s photo shows Boss Caswell posing outside his “Monkey Saloon” in Granite, Colorado, where Denver Beer is just 5 cents a glass. A dog demonstrates his support for this local business.

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Granite, Colorado

Early view of Granite, Colorado

Commercial Hotel - Granite, Colorado 1883

B.W.Marsh's Harness Shop in Granite, Colorado

Willard's Hotel - Granite, Colorado

The W.L. Bradburn Blacksmith & Wagon Shop

A.G. Curtis General Store & Post Office ca. 1880-1890

Yard & Jester Blacksmiths & Wagon Shop

Granite Outfiting Shop 1882

National Meat Market - Granite, Colorado ca. 1880s

Aztec mine at Granite, Colorado

Aftermath of the May 24, 1897 fire at Granite, Colorado

Newspaper articles reported on the devastating May 24, 1897 fire at Granite, Colorado:

Leadville, May 24. - The town of Granite, on the Rio Grande and Midland roads, eighteen miles south of this city, was practically destroyed by fire this afternoon. The news did not reach Leadville until 4 p m.

The town is an important mining center, and the outlet to Twin Lakes. It has a population of about 500 people.

The fire started In the Granite house, a two-story wooden hotel on the main street, originating from a defective flue. On the lower floor George Appel has a hardware store. The upper story is used as a boarding house.

The total loss will be over $10,000. All were insured, except Meyer A Bitzer. The fire is a severe blow to the town, which was just recovering from the effects of the panic.

Granite, Colorado 2012. Jan MacKell Collins photo