Other Maricopa County Placer Districts

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Placer Gold Deposits of Arizona
Geological Survey Bulletin 1355 (1975)
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Maricopa County

Aqua Fria District

Placer gold was recovered from Moores Gulch (T. 8 N., Rs. 2 and 3 E.), a tributary to the Aqua Fria River, north of Lake Pleasant. Placer gold was recovered from other areas along the river, but no descriptions of any deposits have been found.

Dads Creek

Placer gold was recovered in 1935 and reported to the U.S. Bureau of Mines. The location of this creek is unknown.


U.S. Bureau of Mines, 1935: Gives placer production.

Eagle Tail Mountains

In 1912 a small amount of placer gold was recovered from deposits in the Santa Rosa group of claims during assessment work. The Eagle Tail Mountains are in western Maricopa County and extend westward into Yuma County (Tps. 1 and 2 N., Rs. 10 and 11 W.). I have not found the location of the Santa Rosa group.


U.S. Geological Survey, 1912: Reports placer production.

New River

Placer gold was recovered from this district in 1933. The district is on the south slope of the New River Mountains (Tps. 6 and 7 N., Rs. 2 and 3 E.) but probably also includes minor deposits located in the low hills south of the New River Mountains and north of Deer Valley. The Relief mine (sees. 3 and 4, T. 4 N., R. 1 E.), north of Peoria and west of the New River, was known as a placer before 1917, but only the lode-gold production record was found. The location of the placer deposit worked in 1933 is unknown.


Elsing and Heineman, 1936; Gives lode-gold production.

Schrader, Stone, and Sanford, 1917: Notes placer occurrence at Relief mine.

Pikes Peak District

The Pikes Peak district is at the eastern end of the Heiroglyphic Mountains, on the west side of the Aqua Fria River (T. 6 N., Rs. 1 and 2 W.) . Placer gold was recovered from Morgan Wash in this district during the period 1939-41 and in 1948. The district is known for iron deposits. I have found no descriptions of gold ores.


U.S. Bureau of Mines, 1939-41, 1948: Production of placer gold.

Sunflower District

Sunflower is on the west slope of the Mazatzal Mountains, north of Mount Ord (sec. 13, T. 7 N., R. 8 E.: Reno Pass 7 1/2-minute quadrangle). Placer gold was recovered from this area in 1940, but the location of the deposit is unknown.

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