Antelope Springs Districts (Nye, Pershing counties)

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Nevada Mining Districts (Compiled Reports)
The Districts Described in This Section are from the following publications:

Mining Districts of Nevada - Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Report 47 (updated 1998); Placer Gold Deposits of Nevada - USGS Bulletin 1356 (1973)

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Antelope Springs - Nye County


Other Names: Antelope, Sulfide, Blackthorn Camp

County: Nye

Discovered: 1903

Active: 1912-17

Commodities: silver, gold


The Antelope Springs district lies on the east slope of the Cactus Range, near the southeastern end of the main part of the range. Antelope Springs is the original name of the district. Sulfide, a small area surrounding Sulfide Well, on the old Goldfield Road at the southern tip of the Cactus Range, and Blackthorn Camp, west of Antelope Pass, may have been considered separate districts but are both now included in the Antelope Springs district.


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Antelope Springs - Pershing County


Other Names: Relief, Pershing

County: Pershing

Discovered: 1869

Commodities: gold, mercury, antimony, silver, fluorspar, tungsten, copper, lead


The district is located in the southern end of the Humboldt Range in T27N, R34E. The original district name was Relief (1869). Antelope Springs was used as alternate name in 1923 and as main name in 1944.


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