Barcelona, Bare Mountain, Bateman Canyon Districts

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Nevada Mining Districts (Compiled Reports)
The Districts Described in This Section are from the following publications:

Mining Districts of Nevada - Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Report 47 (updated 1998); Placer Gold Deposits of Nevada - USGS Bulletin 1356 (1973)

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Barcelona District


Other Names: Spanish Belt, Spanish Gap, Meadow Canyon

County: Nye

Discovered: 1867

Organized: 1875

Commodities: silver, mercury, gold, lead, antimony, tungsten, molybdenum, copper, zinc, uranium


Situated (7? typo in text here) miles from Belmont, between Belmont and Manhattan, the district is located on the southeastern side of Shoshone Mountain and includes the area at the head of Silver Creek, all of Antone Canyon, and extends east to include the Corcoran Canyon area.

Originally named the Spanish Belt district when it was organized in 1875 and separated from the Philadephia district which included both the present Belmont and Barcelona districts. Barcelona and Meadow Canyon, northeast of Barcelona, are sometimes included within the Belmont district. Lawrence (1963) described a Spanish Gap district located between Belmont and Round Mountain.


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Bare Mountain District


Other Names: Fluorine, Beatty, Carrara, Telluride, Lee

County: Nye

Discovered: 1905

Commodities: gold, fluorspar, mercury, tungsten, silver, marble, kaolin, montmorillonite, silica, uranium, perlite, cinder


This district lies east of Beatty and includes both Bare Mountain and the northwestern end of Yucca Mountain. The original Bare Mountain district included only the northern part of Bare Mountain, near the old camp of Telluride. Following discovery of fluorite deposits in 1918, the Bare Mountain district has sometimes been referred to as Fluorine. The Fluorine district of Kral (1951) included all of Bare Mountain, Crater Flat, the southeastern end of Yucca Mountain, and part of Amargosa Desert to the southwest (present Lee district).

Carrara, on the southwestern side of Bare Mountain, is sometimes considered to be a separate district. The cinder occurrences are in Crater Flat, east of Bare Mountain.


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Bateman Canyon District


Other Names: Slaven Canyon, Valley View, Rock Creek

County: Lander

Commodities: barite, gold


The district borders the Hilltop district on the northeast, and includes both Bateman and Slaven Canyons. Rock Creek is in Bateman Canyon. The location of Valley View (Rock Creek) given by Gianella (1945, p. 90) is incorrect.


Gianella, 1945, p. 81, 90

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