Fairfax, Fairplay, Fairview, Farrell, Ferber Districts

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Nevada Mining Districts (Compiled Reports)
The Districts Described in This Section are from the following publications:

Mining Districts of Nevada - Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Report 47 (updated 1998); Placer Gold Deposits of Nevada - USGS Bulletin 1356 (1973)

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Fairfax District


County: Nye

Commodities: silver, gold


Production is credited from the Chickasas and Rhyolite claims, but the exact location is unknown.


U.S. Geological Survey, 1914, p. 699

Fairplay District


Other Names: Goldyke, Atwood, Finger Rock, Paradise, Paradise Peak, Globe

County: Nye, Mineral

Discovered: 1865, 1901

Organized: 1865, 1903

Commodities: gold, silver, mercury, copper, tungsten


The Fairplay district includes the southern and southwestern flanks of the Paradise Range and extends from Coyote Spring/Ford Wells and the old camps of Atwood and Goldyke on the east to Finger Rock Wash, west of the Mineral County line. The district includes the old Atwood district, discovered in 1901, and the Goldyke area, about 1 mile southwest of Atwood, which was discovered in 1906. The Finger Rock area, including the Paradise Peak gold mine, is sometimes considered to be a separate district (A.L. Payne, pers. commun.).

The historic Paradise district of Stretch (1867) and Danner (1995), and the Fairplay district of Kral, (1951) and Kleinhampl and Ziony (1984) included the areas of both the present Fairplay district and the present Paradise Peak district. The Globe district, described by Danner (1992), was located in the vicinity of the Sullivan Mine in the northern part of the present Fairplay district.


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Fairplay Placer District Description

A small amount of placer gold (quantity confidential) was recovered in the late 1950's from small placers in the Fairplay district, which includes mines at the southern end of the Paradise Range (T. 10 N., R. 56 E.) near the abandoned mining town of Goldyke in western Nye County.


Kral, 1951.

Fairview (Churchill County) District


Other Names:

County: Churchill

Discovered: 1905

Organized: 1906

Commodities: silver, gold, lead, copper, tungsten


The district encompasses an area on both sides of Fairview Peak extending from U.S. Highway 50 on the north to Crown (Bell) Canyon on the south. The main Fairview district is located on the west slope of Fairview Peak, the South Fairview area is in the vicinity of Slate Mountain, south of Fairview Peak. Schilling (1976) included the adjacent Bell Mountain and Gold Basin districts in the Fairview district.


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Fariview (White Pine County) District


Other Names: North Point Spring area

County: White Pine

Discovered: 1869

Organized: 1869

Commodities: silver, lead, zinc, copper, gold


Reported by White (1871) to be about 30 miles north of Patterson in Bennett Spring Mountain, a continuation of the Schell Creek Range, but may actually be the Silverhorn (Fairview) district to the south in Lincoln County. The exact location is unknown.


White, 1871, p. 97; Tingley and Castor, 1991, p.48

Farrell District


Other Names: Stone House, Stonehouse, Seven Troughs

County: Pershing

Discovered: 1863

Commodities: gold, silver


Located in the vicinity of Stonehouse Canyon on the eastern side of the northern Seven Troughs Range. Known as the Stone House district following the 1863 discoveries. New discoveries were made in 1908 and, at that time, the area was organized as the Farrell district and is sometimes included in the adjacent Seven Troughs district.


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Ferber District


County: Elko

Discovered: 1880


Commodities: copper, lead, silver, gold


The Ferber district covers portions of Ferber Flat and White Horse Flat on the Utah border, and extends into Utah.


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