Red Ridge, Reese River, Republic, Reveille Districts

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Nevada Mining Districts (Compiled Reports)
The Districts Described in This Section are from the following publications:

Mining Districts of Nevada - Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Report 47 (updated 1998); Placer Gold Deposits of Nevada - USGS Bulletin 1356 (1973)

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Red Ridge District


Other Names:

County: Mineral

Commodities: uranium


Located west of Calico Hills, east of Rawhide.


Garside, 1973, p. 77

Reese River District


Other Names: Austin, Amador, Yankee Blade, Simpson’s Park

County: Lander

Discovered: 1862

Organized: 1862

Commodities: silver, gold, lead, copper, zinc, uranium, molybdenum, antimony, arsenic


The oldest mining district in eastern Nevada. The Amador portion, 6 miles north of Austin around New York Canyon, joined and was later incorporated into the Reese River district. The General Land Office 1866 map showed Simpson’s Park district to cover a large area in the central Toiyabe Range, extending from Austin east to the area of Dry Creek. The Yankee Blade area was situated in a series of canyons 3 to 7 miles northwest of Austin.


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Reese River Placer District Description

The Reese River drains a large part of central Nevada from its head near the southeast summit of Toiyabe Dome in Nye County to where it joins the Humboldt River, east of Battle Mountain, in Lander County. Some placer gold was recovered from somewhere along this large drainage. Vanderburg (1939, table 7) includes the placer gold production with the production from the Reese River lode district at Austin, Lander County (T. 19 N., 44 E.). This district is predominantly a silver district, but minor amounts of gold have been recovered.


Vanderburg, 1939.

Ross, 1953.

Republic District


Other Names: Black Spring, Royston Hills, Orizaba, Republic Camp, Cloverdale

County: Nye

Commodities: silver, gold, lead, zinc, tungsten, turquoise


The Republic district is located in the northern Royston Hills and includes three general mining areas: mines in the Royston Hills near the camp of Republic (Orizaba Mine area) in the southwest quarter of T8N, R39E; the Cole Springs camp about 1 mile to the southwest in the northeast quarter of T7N, R39E; and a third area about 3 miles to the south in the south-central part of T7N, R39E.

Republic was sometimes included in the Black Spring district, and was included by Kral (1951) in his large Cloverdale district which covered the area from the Nye-Mineral county line to the southern Toiyabe Mountains.


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Reveille District


County: Nye

Discovered: 1866

Organized: 1866

Commodities: silver, gold, zinc, lead, antimony, copper, tungsten


The Reveille district is in the northern Reveille Range about 15 miles southeast of Warm Springs. The district is centered at the crest and on the west side of the range in T2N, R51aE.


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