Telegraph, Tem Piute, Ten Mile, Tobin and Sonoma Range Districts

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Nevada Mining Districts (Compiled Reports)
The Districts Described in This Section are from the following publications:

Mining Districts of Nevada - Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Report 47 (updated 1998); Placer Gold Deposits of Nevada - USGS Bulletin 1356 (1973)

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Telegraph District


County: White Pine

Active: 1883

Commodities: gold, tungsten


The district includes the drainage area of Telegraph Canyon, north of Telegraph Peak in the Egan Range, and lies generally between the Gold Canyon and Granite districts.


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Tem Piute District


Other Names: Sheridan, Tem-Piute, Tem-Pah-Ute, Tim- Pah-Ute, Tem Pahute, Tempiute, Timpahute, Don Dale

County: Lincoln

Discovered: 1865

Organized: 1869

Commodities: tungsten, silver, copper, zinc, lead, molybdenum, fluorspar, uranium, arsenic


The Tem Piute district is located on Tempiute Mountain, a north-trending spur range on the west end of the Timpahute Range. Known as the Sheridan district in 1867-68, the area was organized as the Tem-Piute district in 1869. Wheeler’s map (1872) showed a “Timpahute” district to be contiguous with the Groom district, to the southwest, including the area of the present Don Dale district.


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Ten Mile District


Other Names: Barrett Springs, Blue Mountain, Krum Hills

County: Humboldt

Commodities: gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, antimony, tungsten, montmorillonite clay


Located in the Krum Hills and Ten Mile Hills, west of Winnemucca Mountain. The district also includes Blue Mountain and the area of Barrett Springs. Ten Mile is sometimes included in the Winnemucca district.


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Tobin and Sonoma Range District


County: Pershing

Commodities: copper, mercury, tungsten, manganese


Includes the north end of the Tobin Range and the south end of Sonoma Range, extending from the general area of Bardmass Pass south to the north slopes of Mount Tobin. The Big Mike copper mine is the most important deposit in the district.


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