Volcanoville District

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Gold Districts of California
Bulletin 193 California Division of Mines and Geology 1976
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The Volcanoville district is in north-central El Dorado County and south-central Placer County, about eight miles northeast of Georgetown and 30 miles east of Auburn. It includes the Kentucky Flat area. It is both a lode- and placer-mining district.

Geology and Ore Deposits
A number of patches of andesite-capped Tertiary gravel were deposited by a channel that extended north through Kentucky Flat and then west through Volcanoville. An older well-cemented "white" channel contains much quartz gravel; there is a younger channel. The gold is coarse. Several gold-quartz veins in schist and slate, near or adjacent to a belt of serpentine, crop out in the west portion of the district. Some of the quartz veins have yielded high-grade pockets and well-developed quartz crystals.

Placer: Bedrock, Buckeye Point, Kenna, Kenny, Kentucky Flat, Morris, Tiedeman.

Lode: Boedner, Bootjack, Green, Josephine, Paymaster.

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