Appendix B - Gold Price and Value Data

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Placer Examination - Principles and Practice
Technical Bulletin 4 Bureau of Land Management 1969
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Date of Law Value Per Fine Oz. Troy
April 2, 1792 $19.393939
June 28,1834 $20.689656
Jan. 18, 1837 $20.671835
Mar. 4,1900 $20.671835
Jan. 31, 1934 $35.000000
Mar. 17,1968 U.S. Treasury regulations published in the Federal Register on March 19,1968, allow domestic gold producers to sell newly mined gold to persons regularly engaged in an industry, profession, or art, who require gold for legitimate, customary, and ordinary use, or persons holding Treasury gold-licences. The price of such gold is no longer regulated by the Treasury. The price of monetary gold remains fixed at $35.00 per ounce. The U.S. Mint will no longer purchase gold in the private market nor sell it for industrial, professional or artistic uses. The private holding of gold by U.S. citizens continues to be prohibited except pursuant to existing regulations.

Troy Weight for Gold and Silver

Gold Fineness and Value Equivalents

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