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Two Montana Cities Part II Butte

The very activity of Butte is sometimes wearisome. It never ceases. By day and night the tall chimneys at the mills are pouring forth there smoke sand flame; the stress at all hours of thr day and night are filled with moving throngs.

Principal Gold Producing Districts of the United States

This is part one of a series of articles from the Book "Principal Gold-Producing Districts of the United States" published by the USGS.

The Legacy of the Bunker Hill Mine

Deep within the mountains of the panhandle of Idaho is a valley that white people named Silver. This valley is the heart of what became known as the Coeur d'Alene Mining District.

Two Montana Cities Part I Helena

The territory of Montana is in itself an empire. It was given Territorial rights in 1864, and since then has increases rapidly both in wealth and population. Fabulously rich in mines, already having an annual output of nearly $26,000,000, it is famous for it's vast areas of grazing land and becoming widely known as an agricultural country.

The Colorado Silver Boom

The Colorado Silver Boom was a dramatic expansionist period of silver mining activity in the U.S. state of Colorado in the late 19th century.