Mountain Pass Mine and Mill

The Mountain Pass Mine and Mill is a gold, ree, and cerium mine located in San Bernardino county, California at an elevation of 4,757 feet.

About the MRDS Data:

All mine locations were obtained from the USGS Mineral Resources Data System. The locations and other information in this database have not been verified for accuracy. It should be assumed that all mines are on private property.

Mine Info

Name: Mountain Pass Mine and Mill  

State:  California

County:  San Bernardino

Elevation: 4,757 Feet (1,450 Meters)

Primary Mineral: Gold, REE, Cerium

Lat, Long: 35.4786, -115.53218

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Satelite View

MRDS mine locations are often very general, and in some cases are incorrect. Some mine remains have been covered or removed by modern industrial activity or by development of things like housing. The satellite view offers a quick glimpse as to whether the MRDS location corresponds to visible mine remains.

Satelite image of the Mountain Pass Mine and Mill

Mountain Pass Mine and Mill MRDS details

Site Name

Primary: Mountain Pass Mine and Mill
Secondary: Mountain Pass Mine
Secondary: Mountain Pass Bastnasite Mine
Secondary: Birthday
Secondary: Lucky Strike
Secondary: Mineral Hill
Secondary: Sulphide Queen


Primary: Gold
Primary: REE
Primary: Cerium
Secondary: Silver
Tertiary: Lead


State: California
County: San Bernardino
District: Ivanpah District

Land Status

Land ownership: Private
Note: the land ownership field only identifies whether the area the mine is in is generally on public lands like Forest Service or BLM land, or if it is in an area that is generally private property. It does not definitively identify property status, nor does it indicate claim status or whether an area is open to prospecting. Always respect private property.


Type: Located Claim
Type: Patented


Type: Surface


Owner Name: Union Oil of California
Percent: 100.0
Info Year: 2010
Years: 1977 -

Owner Name: Molycorp Minerals LLC
Company ID: 402542
Percent: 100.0
Home Office: Englewood, CO
Info Year: 1983

Owner Name: Molycorp, Inc.
Percent: 100.0
Info Year: 2010
Years: 1977 - 2005

Owner Name: Molycorp, Inc.
Percent: 100.0
Home Office: (same company, new name)
Info Year: 2010
Years: 1974 - 1977

Owner Name: Molybdenum Corporation of America (MCA)
Percent: 100.0
Info Year: 2010
Years: 1950 - 1974


Year: 1989
Description: Quantity Of Reo In Bastnaesite Conc. 20334 Mt Reo/Year
Year: 1988
Description: Quantity Of Reo In Bastnaesite Conc. 17000 Mt Reo/Year
Year: 1987
Description: Quantity Of Reo In Bastnaesite Conc. 16710 Mt Reo/Year
Year: 1986
Description: Quantity Of Reo In Bastnaesite Conc. 11094 Mt Reo/Year
Year: 1985
Description: Quantity Of Reo In Bastnaesite Conc. 13428 Mt Reo/Year
Year: 1984
Description: Quantity Of Reo In Bastnaesite Conc. 25311 Mt Reo/Year
Year: 1983
Description: Quantity Of Reo In Bastnaesite Conc. 17083 Mt Reo/Year
Year: 1982
Description: Quantity Of Reo In Bastnaesite Conc. 16780 Mt Reo/Year


Record Type: Site
Operation Category: Past Producer
Operation Type: Surface
Mining Method: Open Pit
Milling Method: Flotation
Year First Production: 1951
Year Last Production: 2002
Discovery Year: 1949
Years of Production:
Significant: Y
Deposit Size: S


General Physiographic Area: Intermontane Plateaus
Physiographic Province: Basin And Range Province
Physiographic Section: Sonoran Desert

Mineral Deposit Model

Model Name: Carbonatite


Not available


Not available


Alteration Type: L
Alteration: hematization

Alteration Type: L
Alteration: fenitization


Name: Gneiss
Role: Host
Age Type: Host Rock
Age Young: Neoproterozoic

Analytical Data

Analytical Data: ORE SHOOT 100 FT LONG, 12-15 FT THICK, SAID TO CARRY $9.00 AU/TON


Ore: Apatite
Ore: Monazite
Ore: Bastnasite
Ore: Barite
Ore: Bastnaesite
Ore: Celestite
Gangue: Dolomite
Gangue: Siderite
Gangue: Ankerite
Gangue: Quartz
Gangue: Calcite
Unknown: Strontianite
Unknown: Galena


Comment (Reserve-Resource): Thorium may occur in area, although not being recovered by Molycorp at present time.

Comment (Production): An estimated production rate in the 1980's was 1,285 mt/day including 1,155 mt/day ore and 130 mt/day of dilution material.

Comment (Deposit): Water is obtained from wells 10km east of the mine. Power is supplied by Southern California Edison Co. The access road is paved and labor is available at the site.

Comment (Geology): Vein at contact of dike and host rock. Aplite dike hanging wall, gneiss footwall. Dikes trend N30W

Comment (Deposit): Now included in Mt. Pass Rare-Earth Holdings. Active 1940's, 6 claims

Comment (Workings): (Sulfide Queen) 365 Ft. incline w/4 levels comprising about 2000 ft. of drifts and crosscuts. Detailed descriptions of workings in Tucker & Sampson (1943)

Comment (Production): The production numbers are amount of REE's in the concentrate. This is not the same as the total recovered since there is some loss in processing the concentrate. True production is somewhat less, but loss in processing is not reported.


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