Regarding Image Copyright Status

Most of the historical images used on this site are in the public domain. A simple explanation as to what is considered in the public domain in the United States is anything published before 1923.

Can I use the Images Found on Western Mining History?

I am not the copyright holder of public domain images (there is no copyright holder). So to answer the question “can I use the images I find on your site”, the answer is: I’m not going to stop you. I’m also not going to give you permission because it is not my place to do so. Ultimately it is up to you to determine what is in the public domain.

Looking for higher resolution copies of public domain images you find here? If they are of a town, each town has a gallery (link in the town info section near the top), below each image in the gallery the source of the photo is listed, if it is known. You will need to contact that organization for high-resolution copies.

What About More Recent Images?

If you are interested in using a more recent image that is not in the public domain, you will need to Contact Us, and be specific about each image you are interested in using.

Did Western Mining History Aid You in Researching Historical Images?

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