Mullan, Idaho


Mullan Details

Status: Active Town

Date Settled: 1884

Current Population: 690

Peak Population: 2,300

Elevation: 3,278 Feet (999 meters)

Primary Mineral: Silver, Lead

State: Idaho

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Mullan Description

Mullan came into existence in 1884 with the discovery of gold at the Gold Hunter Mine, which turned out to be a lead and silver producer. That same year George Good made a lead-silver strike with the morning mine and Mullan came into existence between the two mines. The site was filed in August 1888, after the village had twenty log and fifteen frame houses, a sawmill, and a population of 150. The Northern Pacific Railway came to it in 1889 and the city was incorporated in 1904.

During the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho labor confrontation of 1899, 200 miners from Mullan joined the Dynamite Express. In the aftermath of the labor war, many of Mullan's leaders and Populist elected officials including the sheriff were arrested and sent to the Wallace bull pens.

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