Unionville, Nevada


Unionville Details

Status: Ghost Town

Date Settled: 1861

Current Population: A few

Peak Population: ~1,500

Elevation: 5,062 Feet (1,543 meters)

Primary Mineral:

State: Nevada

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Unionville Description

Now in Pershing County, Unionville was the original county seat for Humboldt County, serving in that capacity from its founding in July 1861 until the seat was relocated to Winnemucca in 1873. The big mining boom at Unionville occurred between 1863 and 1870. During that time, the population was reported to be as high as 1,500 persons. As is common in most mining communities, after the boom, the town experienced a decline soon afterwards. By 1870, it was discovered that there was little rich ore in the district. The decline was accelerated by the completion of the Central Pacific Railroad through the Humboldt valley, and the establishment of Winnemucca as a major trading and shipping center.

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