Eldora, Colorado

Historical Towns (15) Eldora, Colorado History

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Eldora Colorado Panorama 1899

Panoramic view of Eldora (Boulder County), Colorado; numbered locations are: "1. power house, Mogul Tunnel, 2. Bank of Eldora, 3. residence of Mick Langley, 4. grocery store, J. Greenlee, 5. Weldon House (board), 6. residence, John H. Kemp, Happy Valley Placer Co., 7. residence Charles Williams, stockman, 8. residence, J. W. Stapp, 9. Eldora Town Hall, 10. Gold Miner Hotel, 11. jail, 12. Fairman & Wilson, hardware store, 13. J. M. White, hardware store, 14. N. M. Mills, groceries, 15. Denver Club Saloon, 16. Log Cabin Saloon, 17. Pelletier, saloon, 18. Hotel, Mrs. S. A. Martin, 19. Assay office, 20. James Hodgson, livery, 21. Tallmadge & Lilley, livery, 22. Mrs. Wardell, boarding and lodging, 23. Mrs. Jameson, boarding and lodging, 24. Carsrud and Davison, saloon, 25. Jay M. Church, freight stables, 26. Felch & Jones, lumber yard, 27. Flume to Happy Valley Placer Workings, 28. Schoolhouse, 29. residence, J. A. Gilfillan, 30. Parsons & ? saloon, 31. James Stogsdill, drug store."

Mining Equipment Being Freighted in Eldora, Colorado

Main Street Eldora Colorado 1899

Eldora Stage - Eldora Colorado ca1899

A team of horses, owned by the Tallmadge and Lilly livery, prepares to depart for Boulder as part of its daily stage coach run.

Eldora Colorado ca1912

Rock Drilling Contest - Eldora Colorado

Group poses on roof above deep snow in Eldora, Colorado ca1899

Eldora Pioneers 1895

Eldora Colorado Labor Day 1899

Men, women and children in the middle of Main Street in Eldora, Colorado focus on the band. Street is lined with evergreen trees in honor of the Labor Day celebration.

Arrival of the U.S. mail at Eldora, Colorado ca. 1897

Happy Valley Placer Co. mining camp near Eldora 1892

View of the Happy Valley Placer Co. mining camp in the Grand Island Mining District, Boulder County, Colorado with tents and a buggy. John H. Kemp leans on the fence to the left; Engineer August Mathez stands with a transit instrument and tripod and John Younglove stands behind him. Two men hold rifles.

Talmage & Lilly stage Eldora 1899

Harry White, Mrs. Carol Talmage, Miss Francis Jameson (Murdoch), Harry Martin, and Jack Gifillan, and other unidentified people pose on and in a horse-drawn stagecoach in Eldora (Boulder County)

Eldora Colorado after the big snow of Feb 1899

Mogul tunnel on Spencer Mtn at Eldora

View looking down on Eldora, Boulder County, Colorado, shows a portion of the town and the Mogul tunnel shaft house atop a tailings pile at the base of Spencer Mountain. The tunnel's path has been superimposed on the image.

Rocky flips a flapjack at old Fourth of July Mine

This ca. 1890s photo is titled "Rocky flips a flapjack at old Fourth of July Mine". The man holding the pan may look like a typical mountain prospector, but he is actually Joseph Bevier Sturtevant, AKA "Rocky Mountain Joe", one of Colorado's most notable frontier photographers. The Fourth of July Mine was located near the mining town of Eldora (Boulder County), at an elevation of over 8,000 feet.