Pioche, Nevada

Modern Towns (27) Pioche, Nevada History

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Pioche, Nevada ca. 1885

Pioche, Nevada 1871

Pioche, Nevada 1871

Pioche, Nevada 1873

Pioche, Nevada ca. 1880

Map of claims in the Ely (Pioche) district 1909

Pioche, Nevada

Historical Marker - Pioche

Pioche, Nevada

Opera House and Theater - Pioche

Million Dollar Courthouse - Pioche

Pioche is known for its "Million Dollar Courthouse," built in 1871. The original cost of $88,000 far exceeded initial estimates and was financed and refinanced with bonds totaling nearly $1 million

Courthouse - Pioche

Mountain View Hotel - Pioche

The old Mountain View Hotel, where President Herbert Hoover is said to have stayed in 1930. Built in 1895, the old Hotel served the lodging needs of dignitaries visiting Pioche on court business. Although the building no longer serves as a hotel, it still serves as a superb example of turn-of-the-century western architecture.

Mountain View Hotel

Mountain View Hotel at Pioche, Nevada

Pioche, Nevada

Old Garage - Pioche

Old sign - Pioche

Miner's Shack - Pioche

Old Miner's Cabin

A miner is
A soldier of the bedrock;
His temple - a shack
His wealth - a bedroll and frying pan
His dream - a strike
His weakness - a spree
His strength - an open hand and open heart
His reward - that gold mine in the sky.

Masons Building - Pioche

Masonic Lodges have used this building since 1872.
The Royal Arch Masons first owned the building when they were issued a Dispensation on June 12, 1873.
Shortly after that St. John's Lodge #18 was issued a Charter on Nov. 20, 1873.
At the turn of the century both of these lodges moved to the boom town of Delamar, where fire destroyed most of the building records and regalia.
The Royal Arch Masons then gave the building in Pioche to St. John's Lodge in about 1905 and it has been used by them continuously since that time.

Aerial Tramway - Pioche

This aerial tramway operated in the 1920's and 1930's carrying ore from the mines on treasure hill to godbe mill. Built by the Pioche Mines Company, the tramway was mainly gravity powered with the aid of a 5 horse power motor. The weight of the ore in the full buckets going to the mill pulled the empty buckets back to the bin. In 1928 cost of delivering ore via the tramway was 6 cents a ton.

Ore Bin - Pioche

Ore Bin and Aerial Tramway - Pioche

Godbe Mill - Pioche

Pioche Fire House

Pioche, Nevada

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