Winters District

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Gold Districts of California
Bulletin 193 California Division of Mines and Geology 1976
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Location and History
This district is in southwestern Modoc County 35 miles west-southwest of Alturas and 16 miles north of Adin. The area was first prospected for gold in 1890. The vein at the Lost Cabin mine was discovered in 1904. Mining activity continued for a few years after that date, and there was prospecting here in the 1930s.

The district is underlain by andesite, andesite porphyry, and basalt of Tertiary age. There are several west- and northwest-striking veins that contain fine free gold, quartz, brecciated wall rock, calcite, and feldspar. The deposits are shallow, none of the veins having been developed to a depth of greater than 300 feet.

Dixie Queen, Lost Cabin (Hess) $150,000, Modoc.

Tucker, W. B., 1919, Modoc County, Winters mining district: California Min. Bur. Rept. 15, pp. 251-252.

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