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The Virginia Disaster (1875 Mining and Scientific Press)

Account of the devastating 1875 fire at Virginia City, Nevada discusses the impact on the mines, and includes interesting information like details of how the mine shafts were safeguarded from the fire.

Klondike Camp Angels (1897 Newspaper)

"Any Klondike settlement is in need of a camp angel would do well to apply to the undersigned, who is young, single, good looking and intelligent, with good disposition, and a constitution warranted to withstand the wear and tear of any amount of hardship and deprivations in the cause of novel experiences, and who is a first-class cook, a graduated dressmaker and a tailoress of some experience, who can make and mend."

The Steamship Excelsior Arrives (1897 Newspaper)

Account of the arrival of the steamer Excelsior at San Francisco, full of Klondike gold. Article also reports on the impending famine at Dawson City during the upcoming winter.

First Big Gold Strikes (Alaska and Yukon Territory) (1897 Newspaper)

Overview of gold discoveries and subsequent excitements at Juneau and the Klondike region.

From Butte City (1867 Newspaper)

A November 1867 letter to The Montana Post describes the early progress at Butte City.

The Caves of Silver (1875 Newspaper)

Journalist tours Virginia City in 1875, describing the mines, mills, and conditions the miners are working in.

The Mines (Cornucopia, Oregon) (1885 Newspaper)

Description of the early mining camps of the Pine Creek district in 1885.

Chinaman Killed at the Poorman Mine (1869 Newspaper)

Account of a Chinese man killed by law enforcement at Silver City, Idaho in 1869.

More About the California Gold (1848 Newspaper)

"We published in our last a letter from Monterey, California, on the subject of Gold-finding; the following is from Mr. LARKIN, U. S. Consul at Monterey, addressed to Com. Jones, and by him forwarded to the Secretary of the Navy."

About Cerro Gordo (1874 Newspaper)

Article describes early smelting of Cerro Gordo ore, and transport of the metal product to Los Angeles. Includes a brief description of the town of Cerro Gordo in 1874.

Continuance of the Gold Excitement (1848 Newspaper)

"Three-fourths of the houses in San Francisco are actually vacated; even lawyers have closed their books, and taken passage, with a spade and wooden dish, to make fortunes by washing out gold from the sands on the Sacremento."

The Prospector Comes Home When The First Snow Flies (1899 The Anaconda Standard)

"The prospector is this month receiving the cordial greetings of his friends and acquaintances as he returns from his summer pilgrimage through the mountains and along the streams."

Interest in Mine Brings $15,000 (Eureka Mine - Death Valley) (1906 Newspaper)

1906 article from the Los Angeles Herald reports on investments in Pete Augerbury's [sic] claims at Harrisburg, Death Valley.

One Man Succeeds Where Another Wholly Fails (1890 Newspaper)

Tale of a destitute prospector who became rich, and famous, after he discovered an abandoned claim.

The Old Mine on Lost Priest River (1900 Salt Lake Mining Review)

The story of a pair prospectors seeking a lost gold mine in the Four Corners area of the southwest US - "having the gold craze once does not vaccinate a person from having the same disease once or many times more."

The Story of Nevada's White Pine News

In its 55 years of near continuous publication from 1868 to 1923, the White Pine News moved six times to six different mining camps and towns, all within a 45-mile radius, including Treasure City, Ely, and East Ely. White Pine County in eastern Nevada epitomized the dramatic and sometimes violent boom and bust of western mining and mining camps.

1899 Sneffels Stage Robbery and the Death of Kid Adams (1899 Newspaper)

On October 2nd, the Sneffels Stage was robbed as it transported mail and gold bullion from Camp Bird to Ouray, Colorado. The bandits were pursued relentlessly, but one managed to escape after many days dodging the law. The other, a young man known as "Kid Adams" was not so lucky, and was killed by a deputy. This was not the end of the story though, as it was determined that the deputy murdered Adams rather than bring him in to face charges.

The Prospector's Story (1899 Salt Lake Mining Review)

A prospector describes his search for a lost gold mine in Death Valley, and his discovery of the remains of miners in a remote mining cabin.

The Great Consolidated Mines of Mercur (1902 Salt Lake Mining Review)

The Mining Review takes pleasure in calling attention to the fact that Mercur, in Camp Floyd district, Tooele county, this state, is Utah's greatest gold camp....

San Juan - In the Heart of the Mining Districts (1875 Newspaper)

"In conclusion let me say this San Juan country is the greatest mineral section upon the face of the globe." This 1875 letter from a prospector traveling the early mining districts of the San Juan mountains of Colorado briefly describes some of the earliest towns of the area, and gives interesting insight into the mind of a pioneer prospector.