Santa Cruz

The Santa Cruz is a copper mine located in Pinal county, Arizona at an elevation of 1,329 feet.

About the MRDS Data:

All mine locations were obtained from the USGS Mineral Resources Data System. The locations and other information in this database have not been verified for accuracy. It should be assumed that all mines are on private property.

Mine Info

Name: Santa Cruz  

State:  Arizona

County:  Pinal

Elevation: 1,329 Feet (405 Meters)

Primary Mineral: Copper

Lat, Long: 32.8997, -111.88170

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Satelite View

MRDS mine locations are often very general, and in some cases are incorrect. Some mine remains have been covered or removed by modern industrial activity or by development of things like housing. The satellite view offers a quick glimpse as to whether the MRDS location corresponds to visible mine remains.

Satelite image of the Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz MRDS details

Site Name

Primary: Santa Cruz
Secondary: Franny-Granny
Secondary: Francisco Grande
Secondary: Fanny-Granny
Secondary: CASA GRANDE


Primary: Copper
Secondary: Molybdenum
Tertiary: Silver
Tertiary: Gold


State: Arizona
County: Pinal
District: Casa Grande District

Land Status

Land ownership: Private
Note: the land ownership field only identifies whether the area the mine is in is generally on public lands like Forest Service or BLM land, or if it is in an area that is generally private property. It does not definitively identify property status, nor does it indicate claim status or whether an area is open to prospecting. Always respect private property.


Not available


Type: Underground


Owner Name: TEXACO
Home Office: 2000 Westchester Ave. White Plains NY 10650 United States
Info Year: 1998

Home Office: 100 Erieview Plaza Cleveland OH 44114 United States
Info Year: 1998

Owner Name: McMoRan Exploration Inc
Percent: 50.00
Home Office: PO Box 51777 1615 Poydras Street New Orleans LA 70112 United States
Info Year: 1998

Percent: 50.00
Home Office: Campos Eliseos 400 Colonia Lomas de Chapultepec Mexico D.F. MEX 11000 Mexico
Info Year: 1998

Owner Name: Freeport Mcmoran Copper Co.
Info Year: 1988

Owner Name: Asarco (American Smelting And Refining Co.)
Info Year: 1988


Not available


Record Type: Deposit
Operation Category: Past Producer
Deposit Type: Porphyry Cu
Operation Type: Underground
Mining Method: Unknown
Discovery Year: 1976
Discovery Method: Geological Inference
Years of Production:
Significant: Y
Deposit Size: L


General Physiographic Area: Intermontane Plateaus
Physiographic Province: Basin And Range Province
Physiographic Section: Sonoran Desert

Mineral Deposit Model

Model Name: Porphyry Cu


Not available


Type: L
Structure: Faulting

Type: R
Structure: extension, horst and graben faulting,


Alteration Type: L
Alteration: Hypogene and supergene


Name: Diabase
Role: Host
Description: Dikes
Age Type: Host Rock
Age Young: Proterozoic

Name: Monzonite
Role: Host
Description: dikes of biotite-quartz-feldspar porphyry
Age Type: Host Rock
Age Young: Late Cretaceous

Name: Granite
Role: Host
Age Type: Host Rock Unit
Age Young: Mesoproterozoic

Analytical Data

Not available


Ore: Pyrite
Ore: Molybdenite
Ore: Chrysocolla
Ore: Chalcopyrite
Ore: Atacamite
Ore: Chalcocite
Unknown: Covellite


Comment (Deposit): Property Is Also Located In T6s, R4e, Secs. 13 And 24. Mining District Name Is Actually Francisco Grande. It Should Be Noted That This Ore Body Is Probably Contiguous With The Casa Grande Ore Body, With Split Ownership. The Bureau Of Mines Is Currently Doing Research On Santa Cruz.

Comment (Reserve-Resource): Reserves Also Contain Some Gold And Silver.

Comment (Identification): Data merged from Francisco Grande Deposit ID 10097042

Comment (Deposit): The High Grade Of The Ore Body Is Due To A Supergene Enrichment Zone Composed Of Atacmite And Chrysocolla In The Oxide Zone.

Comment (Location): Info From Land.St :1964


Reference (Geology): Kreis, H.G., 1995, Geology of the Santa Cruz porphyry copper deposit; in Pierce, F.W. and Bolm, J.G., eds., Porphyry Copper Deposits of the American Cordillera, Arizona Geological Society, Digest 20, p. 364-365.

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Reference (Geology): The Porter GeoConsultancy webpage for Santa Cruz contains a description of the geology. Accessed on 9/29/2010.

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