The Argentine is a gold mine located in Clear Creek county, Colorado at an elevation of 9,800 feet.

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All mine locations were obtained from the USGS Mineral Resources Data System. The locations and other information in this database have not been verified for accuracy. It should be assumed that all mines are on private property.

Mine Info

Name: Argentine  

State:  Colorado

County:  Clear Creek

Elevation: 9,800 Feet (2,987 Meters)

Primary Mineral: Gold

Lat, Long: 39.6839, -105.70220

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Satelite View

Satelite image of the Argentine

Argentine MRDS details

Site Name

Primary: Argentine
Secondary: Argentine Tunnel
Secondary: Argentine vein
Secondary: Marshall


Primary: Gold
Tertiary: Silver


State: Colorado
County: Clear Creek
District: Silver Plume - Georgetown

Land Status

Land ownership: Private
Note: the land ownership field only identifies whether the area the mine is in is generally on public lands like Forest Service or BLM land or if it is in an area that is generally private property. It does not indicate a claim status and does not necessarily indicate an area is open to prospecting.


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Record Type: Site
Operation Category: Past Producer
Operation Type: Underground
Mining Method: Unknown
Years of Production:
Significant: N


General Physiographic Area: Rocky Mountain System
Physiographic Province: Southern Rocky Mountains

Mineral Deposit Model

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Analytical Data

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Comment (Identification): Part of the Colorado Central, Kirtley, and Argentine Group. the Kirtley Group of veins includes the Kirtley, Stranger, O.K., Tilden, Argentine, Creole, and Gates veins (PP-63, p. 265).

Comment (Deposit): The argentine vein averages less than 100 ounces of silver, but carries a high percentage of lead. Considerable zinc in associated with the lead and about 0.1 ounce of gold is also present. Cupriferous pytrie is abundant along cracks. (PP-63, p. 270).

Comment (Geology): The Argentine vein may be an extension of the Kirtley vein (PP-63, p. 267).

Comment (Production): "The Argentine vein was fairly productive, but the ore did not carry such high values" (PP-63, p. 271)


Reference (Deposit): Spurr, J.E., and Garrey, G.H., 1908, Economic Geology of the Georgetown Quadrangle (together with the Empire District) Colorado: U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 63, 422 p.
Pages: pl. XVII, p. 246, 267,

Reference (Deposit): REF: MINE MAP REPO.# 405318 & OTHERS