Dedrick, California

Dedrick History

A historical marker at the Dedrick town site gives a brief history of the camp:

A mining town was settled here on Corral Bar in 1890, and named after Chloride mine locator Dan C. Dedreick. The post office was established May 4, 1891.

Historical Marker at Dedrick, California
Historical Marker at Dedrick, California

By 1902 the town boasted a school, 2 stores, 2 hotels, a restaurant, lodging house, livery, assay house, 3 saloons, and many homes. 200 men were employed in the mines in the area including Buck's Ranch, Ralston, Annie, Maple, Mason-Thayer, Chloride-Bailey, and the Globe. The Globe assayed at $760 per ton, September 20, 1890.

The Globe and the Chloride used tramline buckets to bring the ore to the two mills on Canyon Creek. The 40 stamp Globe mill was 20 stories tall. Mining activity slowed by the min-1920s. With the lack of ore, Dedrick faded and the post office closed December 31, 1941.