Goodyears Bar, California

Illustration of Goodyears Bar, California
Illustration of Goodyears Bar, California

Goodyears Bar History

A historical marker at the town site summarizes the history of Goodyears Bar:

Ancestrally, local streams and tributaries of the North Yuba River washed large quantities of gold-bearing sediments through this area, leaving very rich gravel banks or "bars".

In 1849 pioneers Miles and Andrew Goodyear and party prospected and settled here. News of their rich finds spread and the boom was on. Claims were restricted to only a single 30 foot square to the man with one company producing 646 ounces in one week. After the initial rush moved on a long-standing community of up to 400 chinese miners profitable reworked the older diggings.

Goodyear Bar's post office was established in 1851 and continues to operate to this day.

Not much is left from Goodyear Bars boom years, although the schoolhouse and St Charles Hotel, both built in the 1860s, still stand today.