Cerro Gordo, California


Cerro Gordo Details

Status: Ghost Town

Date Settled: 1870

Current Population: A few part-time residents

Peak Population: na

Elevation: 8,500 Feet (2,591 meters)

Primary Mineral: Silver

State: California

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Cerro Gordo Description

The Cerro Gordo Mines were a collection of mines located in the Inyo Mountains, in Inyo County, California. Mining operations were undertaken from 1866 until 1957, producing high grade silver, lead, and zinc ore. Some ore was smelted on site, however the remote location led to larger scale smelting operations along the shore of the Owens Lake. These smelters led to the creation of the towns of Swansea and Keeler. Most of the metal ingots were transported to Los Angeles, but transportation difficulties hindered the success of the mines. Silver/Lead mining peaked in the early 1880s, with a second mining boom producing zinc in the 1910s.


Did You Know.......

A mine is a hole in the ground, owned by a liar.
-Mark Twain


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