Leadville, Colorado

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One of the earliest photos of Leadville, Colorado

General Grant Visits Leadville 1880

The advent of the railroad in Leadville was hailed with joy, and considered a guarantee of everlasting prosperity. The first distinguished person to arrive over the new line was General Grant, accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Fred Grant and child, and Governor Smith and wife of Wisconsin. This was on the evening of July 22, 1880. "The street lights were a blaze of splendor". A magnificent banquet was held the evening of the 24th at the Clarendon. Grant spoke on his first impressions of Leadville.

Excerpt from A History of Leadville, Colorado by Marshall Conant Graff

Leadville, Colorado street scene ca. 1879


Oro City 1870s

Leadville Colorado 1879

Harrison Avenue - Leadville Colorado

View of Leadville from the Southeast 1879

Leadville from Capitol Hill

Walnut Street Leadville Colorado

Leadville from Capitol Hill

Looking West on Chestnut Street - Leadville Colorado

View of Capitol Hill - Leadville Colorado

Tabor Grand Hotel - Leadville

Chestnut Street at Leadville, Colorado 1879

Leadville Pioneer Homes

Harrison Ave Leadville Colorado

Groceries, Hardware, and Mining Supplies - Leadville

Joslin & Park Jewelers at Leadville, Colorado ca. 1880s

Harrison Ave Leadville Colorado

Tabor Opera House - Leadville

Tabor Opera House ca. 1880

Interior of the Tabor Opera House - Leadville

Clarendon Hotel - Leadville Colorado

Harrison Ave Leadville Colorado 1884

Parade of Odd Fellows & Freeman at Leadville July 4 1879

Londoner Brothers Merchants - Leadville

Vendome Hotel

Horse-drawn sleigh Leadville

Leadville Colorado 1902

Vienna Laundry - Leadville, Colorado

"View from the West" - Leadville, Colorado ca. 1880

Hanging of Gilbert and Rosengrants at Leadville 1881

Toboggan Run - Leadville Colorado

Lake County Courthouse in Leadville

Leadville County Courthouse (colorized) 1880s

Harrison Ave Leadville Colorado 1915

Interior of the County Court - Leadville Colorado 1912

Written on the bottom of the photo:

"The fines can be suspended for the go to the school fund; but the costs must be paid because they are fees and go to the court"

Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company Office - Leadville

President Harrison at the Kitchen Hotel - Leadville, Colorado May 11, 1891

An interesting aspect of this photo is it reveals a little know fact about one of Leadville's landmark buildings. The Tabor Grand Hotel changed its name to Kitchen Hotel around 1887, before becoming the Vendome in the early 1890s.

Leadville Colorado 1915

Hotel Windsor on Chestnut Street - Leadville, Colorado ca. 1880

Leadville, Colorado 1900

Harrison Ave Leadville Colorado 1918

American National Bank Building - Leadville, Colorado ca. 1890s

Leadville street scene ca. 1890s

Colorado National Guardsmen camped at Leadville 1896

Tabor Hose Team 1879

Theodore Roosevelt 1900 vice-presidential campaign tour visits Leadville

Leadville Colorado 1879 (colorized)

Leadville Ice Palace 1895-1896

Leadville Ice Palace

Inside the entrance to the Leadville Ice Palace

Inside the entrance to the Leadville Ice Palace

Entrance to the Leadville Ice Palace

Skating Rink in the Leadville Ice Palace

Arches of Ice in the Leadville Ice Palace

Interior view of the Leadville Ice Palace

Denver's First Regiment Band at the Leadville Ice Palace

Sculpture of miners at the Leadville Ice Palace

Ice Palace Visitors Enjoy the Skating Rink 1896

Game Exhibit at the Leadville Ice Palace

Palace of Living Art and Illusions - Leadville, Colorado

According to the Denver Public Library, the Palace of Living Art and Illusions was a "mini-palace theater on West Seventh Street, Leadville, Colorado. Built by H.C. Dimick for the Winter Crystal Carnival, the theater opened on January 11, 1896 across from the Ice Palace. The theater was 40 x 75 feet, seated three hundred people and was constructed of wood, covered by ice blocks... W. Sunden of Stockholm & E. A. Covell of London operated the theater. Shows were done with reflecting light on a canvas screen while live figures moved behind the screen creating illusions."

"Ground Plan of the Leadville Carnival Palace"

Horace Tabor