Gold Districts of California

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Gold Districts of California
Bulletin 193 California Division of Mines and Geology 1976
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California Gold District Map
History of Gold Mining in California
Significant Dates in the History of Gold Mining in California
Famous Gold Nuggets
Famous High-Grade Pockets
Distribution of Gold

Gold Districts By Province

Sierra Nevada Province

Sierra Nevada Province Overview

Alleghany District
Alto District
American Camp District
American Hill District
Angels Camp District
Badger Hill District
Bagby District
Bangor-Wyandotte District
Bidwell Bar District
Big Creek District
Big Dry Creek District
Big Oak Flat District
Bishop Creek District
Blue Mountain District
Blue Tent District
Brandy City District
Browns Valley District
Brownsville District
Buckeye District
Butte Creek District
Butt Valley District
Calaveritas District
Camanche-Lancha Plana District
Campo Seco-Valley Springs Districts
Camptonville District
Canada Hill District
Carson Hill District
Cathey District
Cat Town District
Cherokee District
Chinese Camp District
Chowchilla District
Clear Creek District
Clearinghouse District
Clipper Mills District
Coarsegold District
Colfax District
Collierville District
Coloma District
Columbia District
Confidence District
Coulterville District
Cove District
Crescent Mills District
Damascus District
Deer Creek District
Deer Valley District
Diamond Mountain District
Dobbins District
Downieville District
Duncan Peak District
Dutch Flat District
El Dorado District
Emigrant Gap District
English Mountain District
Erskine Creek District
Eureka District
Fairplay District
Fiddletown District
Fine Gold District
Folsom District
Forbestown District
Forest Hill District
French Corral District
Fresno River District
Friant District
Genesee District
Georgetown District
Gibsonville District
Globe District
Gold Run District
Granite Basin District
Granite Springs District
Graniteville District
Grass Valley District
Gravel Range District
Greenhorn Mountain District
Greenwood District
Grizzly Flat District
Grub Gulch District
Hammonton District
Hardin Flat District
Hildreth District
Hite Cove District
Hodson District
Homer District
Honcut District
Honey Lake District
Hope Valley District
Hornitos District
Hunter Valley District
Indian Diggings District
Indian Hill District
Inskip District
Iowa Hill District
Irish Hill district
Jackson-Plymouth District
Jacksonville District
Jamestown District
Jenny Lind
Jerseydale District
Johnsville District
Jordan District
Kearsarge District
Keith District
Kelsey District
Kern River District
Keyesville District
Kimshew District
Kinsley District
Knight's Ferry District
La Grange District
La Porte District
Last Chance District
Light's Canyon District
Lincoln District
Long Tom District
Loraine Gold District
Lowell Hill District
Magalia District
Mammoth District
Mariposa District
Meadow Lake District
Meadow Valley District
Michigan Bar District
Michigan Bluff District
Mill Creek District
Mineral King District
Mokelumne Hill District
Monitor-Mogul District
Moore's Flat District
Mooreville Ridge District
Morman Bar District
Morris Ravine District
Mountain Meadows District
Mountain Ranch District
Mount Bullion District
Nashville District
Nevada City District
Newtown District
North Bloomfield District
North Columbia District
North San Juan District
Ophir District
Oroville District
Pacific District
Paloma District
Penryn District
Pike District
Pilot Hill District
Pine Grove District
Piute Mountains District
Placerville District
Poker Flat District
Polk Springs District
Port Wine District
Poverty Hill District
Quincy District
Railroad Flat District
Ralston Divide
Rattlesnake Bar District
Rich Bar
Rich Gulch
Rocklin District
Rough-and-Ready District
Sampson Flat District
San Andreas District
Sawpit Flat District
Scotts Flat District
Sheep Ranch District
Shingle Springs District
Sierra City District
Sierra Nevada Copper Belts
Silver King District
Silver Mountain District
Slate Mountain District
Smartsville District
Snelling District
Sonora District
Soulsbyville District
Spanish Flat District
Spring Garden District
Sweet Oil District
Sycamore Flat District
Tahoe District
Taylorsville District
Tehachapi District
Temperance Flat District
Tioga District
Tuttletown District
Vallecito District
Volcano District
Volcanoville District
Washington District
West Point District
Westville District
West Walker District
Wheatland District
White Oak Flat District
White River District
Whitlock District
Yankee Hill District
You Bet District

Klamath Mountains Province

Klamath Mountains Province Overview

Backbone District
Bully Choop District
Callahan District
Cecilville District
Cottonwood District
Deadwood District
Dedrick-Canyon Creek
Dillon Creek District
Dog Creek District
Dorleska District
French Gulch District
Gazelle District
Gilta District
Harrison Gulch District
Helena-East Fork District
Hoopa District
Humbug District
Igo-Ono District
Jelly Ferry District
Klamath River District
Liberty District
Monumental District
New River-Denny
Old Diggings District
Orleans District
Oro Fino District
Redding District
Salmon River District
Scott Bar District
Shasta Copper-Zinc Belt
Shasta-Whiskeytown District
Smith River District
Trinity River District
Weaverville District

Basin Ranges Province

Basin Ranges Province Overview

Argus District
Ballarat District
Beveridge District
Big Pine District
Bodie District
Chloride Cliff District
Clover Patch District
El Paso Mountains District
Fish Springs District
Grapevine District
Harrisburg District
High Grade District
Lees Camp-Echo Canyon District
Masonic District
Modoc District
Patterson District
Rademacher District
Russ District
Skidoo District
Slate Range District
Spangler District
Tibbetts District
Ubehebe District
White Mountains District
Wildrose District
Willow District
Mojave Desert Province
Alvord District
Arica District
Arrowhead District
Bendigo District
Cargo Muchacho-Tumco District
Chocolate Mountains District
Chuckwalla District
Clark District
Coolgardie District
Dale District
Dos Palmas District
Eagle Mountains District
Emerson Lake District
Gold Reef District
Goldstone District
Grapevine District
Hackberry Mountain District
Halloran Springs District
Hart District
Ibex District
Ivanpah District
Mojave-Rosamond District
Mule Mountains District
Old Dad District
Old Woman District
Ord District
Oro Grande District
Picacho District
Potholes District
Rand District
Shadow Mountains District
Stedman District
Trojan District
Twentynine Palms District
Vanderbilt District
Whipple District

Transverse and Peninsular Ranges Provinces

Transverse and Peninsular Ranges Provinces Overview

Acton District
Azusa-Tujunga District
Baldwin Lake District
Black Hawk District
Boulder Creek District
Cuyamaca District
Deer Park District
Dulzura District
Escondido District
Frazier Mountain
Holcomb Valley District
Julian-Banner District
Laguna Mountains District
Lytle Creek District
Mesa Grande District
Montezuma District
Morongo District
Mount Baldy District
Mount Gleason District
Neenach District
Pinacate District
Pine Valley District
Piru District
Saugus District
Trabuco District

Modoc Plateau Province

Modoc Plateau Province Overview

Hayden Hill District
Winters District

Coast Ranges Province

Coast Ranges Province Overview

Calistoga District
Crescent City District
Island Mountain District
Jolon District
La Panza District
Los Burros District
Orick District
Putah Creek District
Red Mountain District
San Francisco Beach District
Santa Cruz District
Silver Queen District
Sulphur Creek District
Surf-Point Sal District

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