Dillon, Wyoming

Ferris Mercantile Co. - Dillon, Wyoming 1905
Ferris Mercantile Co. - Dillon, Wyoming 1905

Dillon History

When the North American Copper Company took over the Ferris-Haggarty mine, they ordered the closure of the saloons, so in late 1902 the enterprising saloon owners simply moved their establishments from Rudefeha a mile down the gulch to what became the town of Dillon.

Since a town without Saloons was no town at all, Dillon quickly emerged as the largest settlement among the district mines. A post office operated here from 1902 to 1909.

Dillon Wyoming
1903 illustration of Dillon, Wyoming

The 1903 illustration above shows Dillon's proximity to the Ferris-Haggarty mine seen on the mountain above the town.

Grand Encampment: A Wyoming Copper District

Grand Encampment district Wyoming

The Encampment district is notable for the sixteen-mile-long aerial tram that linked the mill and smelter at the town of Encampment with the Ferris-Haggarty mine. At the time it was completed in 1902 it was the longest aerial tramway in the world. This article examines the history and mining towns of this Wyoming copper district. Continue reading... (members only content)

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