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From Redstone to Ludlow

Ludlow Massacre

Author: F. Darell Munsell Publishers description: The most comprehensive study of John Cleveland Osgood to date, From Redstone to Ludlow covers events from 1892, when Osgood and his associates organized the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company, to 1917, when Osgood signed a contract with the United Mine Workers of America, marking the end of his  Continue Reading

Ores to Metals – The Rocky Mountain Smelting Industry

Globe Smelter Denver Colorado

Author: James E. Fell Jr. Publishers Description: This comprehensive treatment of the smelting industry of Colorado, originally published in 1979 and now back in print with a new preface by the author, details the people, technologies, and business decisions that have shaped the smelting industry in the Rockies. Although mining holds more of the glamour  Continue Reading

History of the Antler Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado

A user sent me a 1950’s photo of the Antler Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I did some research and found out some of the history of this landmark building. From Wikipedia: Colorado Springs was founded in August 1871 by General William Palmer, with the intention of creating a high quality resort community, and was  Continue Reading

Thomas F. Walsh – Colorado Mining Tycoon

Thomas Walsh 1904

Author: John C Stewart, published 2007 Author’s description: In the first complete biography of Thomas Walsh, John Stewart recounts the tycoon’s life from his birth in 1850 and his beginnings as a millwright and carpenter in Ireland to his tenacious, often fruitless mining work in the Black Hills and Colorado, which finally led to his  Continue Reading

Riches to Rust

Author: Eric Twitty, pulbished 2002. Author’s description: Whether you are a tourist with a casual interest in old mine sites or a serious mining historian wanting to know more about mining methods, you will find Riches to Rust to be fascinating reading. Eric Twitty’s new book can be used as a field guide for exploring  Continue Reading