Tonopah, Nevada

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Camp Butler (Tonopah) Nevada January 1901

Tonopah, Nevada 1903

View of Tonopah, Nevada in 1901

Tonopah, Nevada ca. 1901-1902

Tonopah Rail Depot 1907

Butler Grand Room & Beds - Tonopah Nevada

Anheuser-Busch "Beer Car" boxcar and horse teams and wagons at Tonapah depot ca 1910

Funeral of Sheriff Logan - Tonopah 1906

Moet & Chandon Champagne Delivery - Tonopah

Tonopah Barrel House

Mines at Tonopah, Nevada ca. 1905

Lightning strike at Tonopah, Nevada 1904


This 1904 photo from Tonopah, Nevada is an extremely rare early image of a lightning strike. The lightning purportedly struck a mans house, melting the wood stove inside, but remarkably nobody in the house was injured.

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Tonopah, Nevada

Lucky Jim mine at Tonopah, Nevada 1902

Stage in front of Lathrop and Davis General Merchandise - Tonopah, Nevada ca. 1900

Colorized version of this Tonopah boom town scene from 1903

Loading high-grade ore at the Tonopah Mine

Freight wagons at the Tonopah Mine

Tonopah mine with hoist and mill under construction

Wyatt Earp's Northern Saloon, Tonopah, Nevada ca. 1902

Tonopah Barrel House

Tonopah Barrel House - Colorized Postcard

Tonopah Bottle House

Sacks of ore from Goldfield mines are stacked at the Tonopah freight yard

Mule-powered hoist at Tonopah, Nevada ca. 1903

Freight teams loading ore at a Tonopah mine ca. 1903