Mining Technology

Winning the Metal: Ore Mills of the West

The ore that came out of western mines usually had to be milled to separate the valuable metals from the waste rock. Mills of many types were built to treat the variety of ores coming out of the mines. “Winning the Metal: Ore Mills of the West” takes a look at some of the more common mill processes and includes numerous photos of the West’s great mills.  Continue Reading

Western Museum Of Mining and Industry

Western Museum of Mining and Industry

Western Museum of Mining and Industry (WMMI) is an organization that works to preserve the mining history of the western United States. The 27 acre facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado contains over 5,000 mining-related artifacts. The photos in this post represent just a small part of the numerous fascinating exhibits at this incredible facility. Pictured  Continue Reading

Underground Hoist Room Construction Captured in Photo Series

Large underground mines often have important infrastructure and facilities built in underground chambers, hundreds or thousands of feet below the surface. Storage facilities, repair shops, and even modern hoist houses can be found deep within the mines. These facilities weren’t often captured in photographs, so it is a rare treat to be able to see  Continue Reading