Mining Towns

Goldfield, Nevada: The Arthur Allen Albums

Photographer Arthur Allen captured many important scenes from Goldfield, Nevada’s peak years – from the budding camp that was just a collection of tents in the fall of 1903, to the thriving community that was described as “The World’s Greatest Gold Camp”, and was Nevada’s largest city by the middle of the decade. “Goldfield, Nevada: The Arthur Allen Albums” presents over 100 photos of the city, the mines, and cultural events that occurred during Goldfield’s boom years.  Continue Reading

Photos from the Thunder Mountain Gold Rush in Idaho

The rush to Thunder Mountain in early 1902 was one of the most significant events in Idaho mining history, and one of the West’s most harrowing survival stories. A site visitor donated an album of photos from the area during the height of the excitement here around 1902. The photos have been restored and are presented here for supporting members.  Continue Reading