Outlaws and Lawmen

Wyatt Earp: A Mining Town Odyssey

Wyatt Earp spent most of his adult life moving between numerous gold rushes and mining excitements. In 1905 a newspaper described his wanderlust: “wherever was a new gold camp, a new oil field, a new place in which money was plentiful, there could be found Wyatt Earp, quiet, careful, but deadly in his own defense.”  Continue Reading

Alderman Joy of Leadville

While looking for articles on Doc Holliday I stumbled on a story of a vicious attack on E. D. Cowen, a popular newspaper editor in Leadville. The perpetrator was a man known as Alderman Joy (Charles C. Joy), and the beating he gave Cowen in September 1882 left the man on the brink of death. This article uses historical newspaper articles to paint a picture of who Alderman Joy was – a violent man that was feared by many for nearly two decades.  Continue Reading

The Saga of the Perasich Murder – Darwin, California 1875

The The Black Metal Saloon in Darwin, California 1905

While researching historical newspapers for information on Panamint City, California, I stumbled upon a series of articles that detail the murder of a man named Perasich. Perasich, a business owner in Panamint Springs, California, was allegedly gunned down by Ashim in the nearby mining town of Darwin. The articles lay out a dramatic series of events following the crime; doubt as to Ashim’s guilt, attempted revenge by Perasich’s brothers, and a trial corrupted by both money and influence of the local outlaw gangs.  Continue Reading