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Where to Find Gold in Oregon

WMH Gold Maps for Google Earth Pro are designed to locate areas with high potential for finding placer gold. A core feature of these maps is the highlighting of townships that contain both active placer mining claims and historical gold mines. The screenshot below is from the Oregon Gold Map and shows gold-bearing PLSS townships,  Continue Reading

Featured Mining Town: Crested Butte, Colorado

Featured Mining Town: Crested Butte, Colorado

Crested Butte, Colorado was an active coal mining town for over seven decades. Thew last mine closed in the 1950s, but the town has since transitioned into a popular tourist destination.  Continue Reading

Introducing the Nevada Mining Atlas

Nevada Mining Atlas $35 Add to Cart Nevada Mining Atlas + Nevada Mining Claim Research Tools bundle $60 (save $10) Add to Cart The WMH Nevada Mining Atlas is designed for use with Google Earth Pro. Included are over 450 metallic mining district location polygons (compiled by the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology), divided  Continue Reading

Researching Mining Claims with the BLM MLRS

Western Mining History distributes location data on active mining claims based on data retrieved from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) MLRS application. The purpose of this guide is to aid in the understanding of what the BLM claims data is useful for, and how to use the data to assist in your research. Note:  Continue Reading

Vulture Mine – History, Fact, and Fiction

By Gary Carter Early History of the Vulture Mine The Vulture Mine, near Wickenburg, Arizona could be the central character in a dime novel. Its myths, legends, and facts have and continue to stir the imagination. Stories of ghosts, men, and animals lost in the “Glory Hole”, Indian attacks, bullion robberies, gold fortunes, lost veins,  Continue Reading

Featured Mining Town: Austin, Nevada

Featured Mining Town: Austin, Nevada

Austin was the location of central Nevada's first big mining boom. In what was previously unexplored territory, the rich silver mines of Austin attracted thousands of miners and prospectors, many of whom went on to prospect beyond Austin, staking tens of thousands of claims, opening hundreds of new districts, and settling dozens of new camps.   Continue Reading