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A mine is a hole in the ground, owned by a liar. - Mark Twain

Welcome to Western Mining History

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Combination Mill 1872 - Belmont, Nevada
Combination Mill 1872 - Belmont, Nevada

Welcome to Western Mining History. My goal for this site is to document the historical, social, and political landscape of the American West through a study of its mining heritage. This is a huge and ongoing project. I currently have over 4,000 images in the database and expect to add many more in the near future. I hope you find this site as informative and enjoyable to view as it was for me to create.

Aaron Walton, Webmaster

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Town Caribou Colorado 2014-09-30
Town Granite Montana 2014-07-12
Town Garnet Montana 2014-07-12
Town Molson Washington 2014-07-08
Town Jamestown Colorado 2014-06-20
Town Maiden Montana 2014-06-17
Town Zortman Montana 2014-06-16
Town Bayhorse Idaho 2014-06-16
Town Delamar Nevada 2014-05-13
Town Mogollon New Mexico 2014-05-13
Town Pioneer Nevada 2014-05-13
Town Belleville Nevada 2014-05-13
Town Placerville Colorado 2014-05-01
Town Mound City Colorado 2014-05-01
Town Gillette Colorado 2014-04-30
Town Anaconda Colorado 2014-04-30
Town Altman Colorado 2014-04-29
Town Independence Colorado 2014-04-29
Town Goldfield Colorado 2014-04-26
Town Coram California 2014-04-21
Town Silver Plume Colorado 2014-04-11
Town Bonanza Colorado 2014-04-09
Town Ophir Colorado 2014-04-08
Town Ashcroft Colorado 2014-04-07
Town Redstone Colorado 2014-04-07
Town Tincup Colorado 2014-04-07
Town Rico Colorado 2014-04-06
Town St Elmo Colorado 2014-04-02
Town Candelaria Nevada 2014-04-02
Town Marysville Montana 2014-04-01

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